Due to current circumstances, our partners are closed and our shipments are pending so that everyone can be preserved.
We will be able to dispatch your orders 40 days from the lifting of the containment. It is necessary for us, as for our service providers, to be able to organize the takeover and in place all the security measures to deliver to you.

We are implementing the pre-order system which allows us all (myself, my suppliers and my workshop) to think about the future.
Some of you have already waited 2 months during crowdfunding, so we know that patience is your greatest virtue.
And the wait will only increase the pleasure of unpacking the package.
Basically we make you a little Christmas in advance, it is your reward to have been so wise during this period.

You may be wondering why the deliveries are not made directly at the lifting of the containment, here is my answer in all transparency.

Part of the production was to start on March 16 and this for 3 to 4 weeks. The production is artisanal so it takes time in the workshop for the confection. Then there is the shipping time. And some materials still had to be shipped to the workshop.

The workshop had to close, as did my suppliers, of which I am not the only customer.
It is therefore necessary to allow time for everyone to take back their brands and get organized.
Without forgetting that we must be sure that all security measures are guaranteed for everyone, the employees in the tanneries as well as those in the workshop.

The fact that you already order in advance simply allows companies to continue to feed their cash flow so that they do not have to be forced into bankruptcy upon repossession.
Estimates of possible deliveries are in late May or early June.
Staying for 40 days without any entry doesn't keep small businesses going.
When you buy a bag, you not only guarantee the sustainability of my business but also the wages of people depending on the orders I place.

I have always opted for transparency from the start so it is normal to answer any questions you may have.

Our united action

We have made our keychain our united piece. The profits collected will be donated to the Citoyens Solidaires association which provides food packages to families who have fallen into precarious situations due to the health crisis as well as the economic crisis.
For orders placed from France we will donate the donations to the organization Protect your caregiver.
We offer you the delivery costs, it is our contribution to us.

Thank you for your understanding and support, take care of yourself.