The designer

Molka is a young Belgian designer with boundless energy. Driven by a devouring passion for creation, it is quite natural that she chooses to train at the Academy of Fine Arts.

At the dawn of her 30s and in search of what will reveal her,

she decides to return to her first ambition: the creation and more particularly the creation of bags.
She then decides to go in search of a leather workshop sharing the attention to detail and understanding her universe.

It is often said that it is the journey and not the destination that counts. Going to conquer her ambitions, in search of oneself through her passions, facing the world of entrepreneurship, it is this journey that revealed Molka and will help her to be fulfilled as a woman and entrepreneur.

Today, Molka directs all of its production by choosing leathers in Italy and collaborating with experienced and passionate artisans in Morocco.
Her bags are in the image of this young woman: modern and timeless. His indelible touch? Molka's M matching the lines of the bag and the purple lining.


Timeless and effortless essentials

Our bags are inspired by women, and created for all their desires. This is also why each model is named after the women around Molka.

Pieces imagined for wonderwomen looking for a well thought out shopping bag, the faithful companion of your daily life or even the accessory pouch for your evenings.
Quite simply the accessory that accompanies you in all your moments.
The one who takes the essentials to your accomplishments ... The ones who reveal you.


Our responsible production

Our bags are designed with noble materials in an artisan workshop.
We offer bags with a sleek and timeless design with leathers resistant to the tests of time and adventures that we wish you accompanied by one of our pieces.
The collections are created in a declination of essentials that can be kept for a lifetime and produced in a limited edition. We pay particular attention to our consumption of raw materials in order to limit our impact on the environment and respect our responsible commitment.
Buying a Molka bag means buying better to consume longer and more responsibly.


We, you, a community


Beyond offering you a product and being a brand, we aim to leave an imprint by looking for the essentials.

Through our journey and yours, our exchanges, our sharing of successes as well as failures, we aspire to build a community and be better equipped to achieve it. Our community is to be inspired to dream, to undertake, to be fulfilled, to be daring, free and master of your destiny and above all to believe in yourself.
We wish to accompany you throughout the journey to the destination of your accomplishments in order to create these moments that reveal us.
Reveal yourself.